Instagram Stories – July 2020

Tweet. a story of a young woman in a post-apocalyptic world, explaining how she came to be who she is. Presented as an audio story, with the words of the story in the comments. Story and Art.

The universe. A young man wonders if, sometimes, the universe causes good things to happen. Story and Art.

Distancing – A mermaid reflects on a world of distancing. Story and Art.

Pirate. A man goes back in time to steal a treasure and get more than he expects. Story and Art.

Palm Tree – Romance on a tropical island. Story and Art.

Quiet Mornings – I woman reflects on a life that is running together. Story and Art.

Armor – A young woman finds that no amount of armor can protect you. Story and Art.

Bubbles – A mermaid has a chance encounter while distancing. Story and Art.

Wizard – What do you do when you face a wizard. Story and Art.

Dreaming – The end of a wonderful day. Poem and Art.

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