Instagram stories – November 2018, December 2018, January 2019

Since November 2019 I’ve been posting short stories on Instagram. Almost all of them are stories inspired by drawings or painting that artists have shared there. It’s been a lot of fun and good practice, too. Here are links to some of the stories and links to the artists’ posts that inspired me.

Pink: a story of an unexpected meeting.  Story and Art

The Terminal: A story written while waiting in the airplane terminal on my way to Tokyo.  A sad story: Story

The Cafe: A young woman making a choice. Story and Art

Waiting: This story is inspired by a series of photographs of a little doll. Story and Art

Annabelle and Faith:   Story and Art

Finding Love – A tweet story. Story and art

Love ends – A tweet story. Story and Art

Japan – A tween story. Story

Fox and Badger – A Tweet story. Story

The fox and the girl – A Tweet story. Story and Art

On the other side. This picture just grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go. Story and Art

Mud. A silly little story. The pictured reminded me of my kids when they were young. Story and Art

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