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Of Past And Future

Of Past And Future is a collection of:

Be it fifteen minutes into the future, forty years to meet yourself or your spouse as a child, or a thousand years into the past, traveling in time always has unexpected consequences - and sometimes that’s what the traveler is counting on.

Come and experience these stories and see if you would handle the unexpected as well.

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A collection of short stories

Reflections by Douglas G Clarke

Symie, The Terrible by Elaine Faber

Christmas Surprise Lynette White

Baruthian Attack by Shae Hamrick

Clepher’s Heart by Toi Thomas

A Christmas Trip Just in Time by Lynn Johnston

Jump by D C Mills

Putting Things Right by Douglas G. Clarke

Someone Told Me, It’s All Happening… by Randall Lemon

The Christmas Table by Kelly Kobayashi

Leaper  by Mike Boggia

A Second Chance at Harmony by Rebecca Lacy

Dreams of Home  by Todd Folstad

I Had You by Rejoice Denhere

An Expert on Time by V. J. M. Christensen

Blow True the Winds by Lena M. Pate

Trail of Tears by Joyce Shaughnessy

The Gift by Laura Stafford

The Apprentice by A. A. Abbot

The Rock by Gene Hilgreen

Sidestepping by Robert Tozer

The Past Amok by J. Conrad Guest

The Authors

Douglas G. Clarke

Douglas is a Systems Engineer, Dutch oven cooker, Publisher, Game Developer, and when he has time a Writer of short stories – with two novels in the works. He lives in San Diego with his wife and two almost grown children. When asked about his writing he says:

If things had been different, I may have chosen writing as my primary career, but things weren’t different. I was born with dyslexia and dysgraphia, which in simple terms meant that in seventh grade I was reading at a fourth grade level and writing (penmanship and spelling) at a second. My parents paid to have me tutored outside of school and by the time I was in 9th grade I was an avid reader. The penmanship and spelling, along with what in the 1970′s was high tech – typing – were still far below grade level.

To this day I can’t use cursive writing and my penmanship is something only a doctor, or my mother, could love. Check as you type spelling and grammar checkers have helped a lot, but they sill don’t help much when I correctly spell the wrong word (on instead of one). Thanks to the computer, I can actually write a short story and even a novel. Thanks of course also has to go to my very understanding editors, who probably roll their eyes at the kinds of mistakes I make.

I’ve heard it said, and I wish I knew the exact quote and who said it first, that all great artists create from the dark times they’ve gone through and their disabilities. That somehow if creating is not hard work, that stirs up deep emotions, a masterpiece can not be the result.

It’s funny because as I sit to write a chapter of my book, or a short story, I have some idea about what it is I’m going to write. But the effort required to type each word, (both finding the keys to hit and figuring out how to spell the word), and the effort to keep the sentence structures correct, doesn’t give me much my space left to think about what to write. Instead as I finish each word, the next word seems to just be there waiting for me to write.

I’ve read about how characters in a story start talking and say things that the authors didn’t know they were going to say, and lead the story in directions they hadn’t planned. I have experience this not only in dialog, but in action and narrative as well.

I guess that my writing is very much right brained, or perhaps the Holy Spirit is whispering in my ear. In either case my writing is very much from the heart and at times thought provoking.

My earnest pray is they my writing will both entertaining and inspiring.

Professional Website: DouglasGClarke.com

Email: doug@douglasgclarke.com


Elaine Faber

Elaine Faber’s short stories have appeared in multiple magazines and eight anthologies. She is a member of Sisters in Crime, California Cat Writers, and Inspire Christian Writers where she volunteers as an editor for their annual Inspire anthologies. Elaine enjoys speaking about her novels on mystery panels and book signing events. Black Cat’s Legacy and Black Cat and the Lethal Lawyer are light romance and cozy cat mysteries. They feature Thumper, who with his ancestors’ memories helps solve the crime. Both novels are available at Amazon in print and digital. The third in the series, Black Cat and the Accidental Angel will be published in the spring, 2015.

For more about Elaine, visit her website at www.mindcandymysteries.com


Lynette White

Having grown up in Central Montana, Lynette spent many a long winter night curled up with a good book. Her High School English teacher was the first one to point out Lynette’s gift for writing.

Decades came and went and Lynette dabbled in writing but never had the desire to make that transition to professional writer. Four years ago the stars aligned and everything fell into place to start that transition.

The final push came from her favorite author Tracy Hickman. During that encounter she mentioned she would like to one day be published. Tracy’s response “I will never help you get published. Any fool can publish a book. What I will do is teach you how to be read.” Accepting his challenge, Lynette completed his online course Scribe’s Forge. An intense course designed for aspiring writers wanting to learn the craft of writing.

On writing Lynette states, “the best thing to happen after completing Scribe’s Forge was coming across the 750 writers group. Each month the challenge is to write a story using less then 1000 words. This group of talented writers have taught me how to expound on what I learned from Tracy and Laura Hickman. Now I understand what authors mean when they say writing is not a choice; it is a passion. Writing is no longer a hobby for me, it is as much a part of me as breathing.”

Lynette’s stories can be found throughout the Giant Tales collection. She also collaborated on the progressive fantasy Gryffon Master, available under the Professor Limn label. Lynette currently has her works in eight books including her own release The Enemy Within, book one of the Destiny Series. You can find Lynette’s books in both paperback and Ebook on Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords.

Professional Website: http://www.whitefantasybooks.net/

Email: whitefantasybooks@gmail.com


Shae Hamrick


Professional Website:



Toi Thomas

A self-proclaimed techie and foodie, Toi Thomas was born in Texas, but considers Virginia to be home. She enjoys reading, cooking, baking, painting, collecting vinyl records, and spending time with her family. Currently working as a special education teacher’s assistant while blogging and writing fulltime, Toi finds comfort and peace of mind in chocolate, green tea, and naps. For some reason, Toi admits has escaped her, she married a frat boy who has continued to be her best friend and love of her life. She and her husband are now embarking on the adventure that is book promotion as Toi continues to make strides in self-publication.

Professional Website: etoithomas.com

Google+: Toinette "Toi" Thomas


Lynn Johnston



Professional Website:



D. C. Mills

D C Mills (a.k.a. Dorthe Møller Christensen) is a word nerd, both professionally and in her spare time.
She teaches Latin to unsuspecting undergraduates, translates obscure Greek poetry, and writes short stories in a variety of genres.

Several of these stories are published in anthologies:
The Future Is Short: Science Fiction in a Flash;
Giant Tales: World of Pirates;
Giant Tales: Dangerous Days;
A Good Tale: Trash to Treasure;
A Good Tale: Violet Hopes;
and more volumes are on their way.

D C Mills lives in a small house in the middle of Denmark with three tall sons. When not teaching, writing, running, or reading, she knits and designs and writes knitting patterns.
She is, of course, also working on a novel or two.

Email: diotima.ktl@gmail.com


Randall Lemon

Randall took a sabbatical from writing and that period of rest lasted almost three decades.  At one time Randall was a regular fixture of the roleplaying community.  He was one of the top ranked players from the inception to the end of the RPGA ranking system.  He also served as a high ranking tournament judge, marshal and coordinator of various events at Gen Con and other gaming conventions.  During that time, he was a frequent contributor to Polyhedron magazine, perhaps best remembered for the creation of one of the most beloved establishments in the Living City, “Embrol Sludge’s Eatery and Seashell Shoppe.”  Along with a co-author he created the adventure known as “Eye of the Leviathan.” Randall also wrote articles for Video Review Magazine and the Quarterly Journal of Speech.
Hailing from northwest Indiana just across the line from Chicago, Randall graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor’s degree.  While at Purdue he was a winner of the prestigious Purdue Literary Awards contest.  He then received his Master’s degree from the University of Southern California and did some work toward the PhD at the University of Illinois.  He taught high school for thirty-four years, has two children and a wife, all of whom he loves dearly. 
Now Randall has returned to writing. This time he is concentrating on flash fiction and short stories. Recent publications by Randall include the round-robin novel, Gryffon Master: Curse of the Lich King and the stories, “A Mouser, a Keg of Rum, and a Gunnery Mate” in the anthology, World of Pirates and Mercy Killing in the anthology, Lava Storm. He has also had his stories: Taking Liberties and Heavy Hangs the Head... in the anthology, Dangerous Days; Victory or Death? and Hat Trick in the Aspiring Writers 2013 Winners Anthology. His most recently published stories: The Treasure of Freedom and Flames of Red Make Violet Blue in the two anthologies: Trash to Treasure and Violet Hopes from A Good Tale publisher, Doug Clarke. Randall will have some of his short fiction showcased in some anthologies scheduled to come out in 2014 or 2015. He is particularly excited about having a story in the upcoming anthology, Dance Like a Monkey scheduled to be released soon from publisher, Silence in the Library which will contain stories from some of the best known authors in science fiction and fantasy. In his spare time, Randall is currently working on a solo attempt at a fantasy novel.


Kelly Kobayashi

"Kelly is an award-winning author of fiction for children and adults. Her work has been distinguished by the Fiction Writers Guild and the International Writers' Village. Her current projects include a new steampunk adventure novel and a collection of fresh fairy tales featuring a diverse cast and obstacles both enchanted... and all-too-human.

When not writing, Kelly loves to read about writing! She is a book-lover, book club co-founder, library-supporter, researcher, and freelance editor. Though Kelly has been dreaming up adventures since her earliest memory, she's been writing her ideas down seriously since 2003. To consistently improve her technique, Kelly participates in local writing workshops, NaNoWriMo (2013 Winner!), and international writing contests. Her imagination cultivates best while she is traveling through a place she's never been before. Some of her favorite stories are J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan, Peter S. Beagle's The Last Unicorn, Diana Wynne Jones' Howl's Moving Castle, and Jane Austen's Persuasion. Other sources of inspiration are gardening, listening to the music of Distant Worlds or Priscilla Ahn, and watching films by Jim Henson, Miyazaki Hayao, Rian Johnson, or Gerald McMorrow.

Kelly and her husband live an hour outside of Chicago, in a cozy apartment near a dark forest. She scribbles, he composes music, and they hope to travel the world together."

Email: Kelly1329kobayashi@gmail.com


Mike Boggia


Professional Website:



Rebecca Lacy

Rebecca can’t really decide what genre she wants to write – vacillating between children’s, business, historical fiction, and fantasy. In addition to having published several short stories, Rebecca has recently co-authored a leader fable and is currently working on a novel and a faith-based book. She also writes a monthly column for Women’s Voices Magazine. In her spare time Rebecca is the President of Pinnacle Management Group, the company she and her husband founded in 1997. She is mom to both human and fur kids. Rebecca enjoys people watching and other activities that often provide inspiration for her stories.


Todd Folstad

Todd is a writer, inspirational blogger, choral singer, human being (in training), and a self-described CHAOS Resolutionist. He began writing at an early age and started primarily as a good story-teller and jokester. As his ability to impart stories grew, he moved to pen and paper and now to computer.

His influences come a great deal from authors like Stephen King, Clive Cussler, and many artists whose books he finds in the bin at the Dollar Tree. Authors who like himself may never get the big push, but whose work and story-telling ability are very solid. He also writes many stories of a science fiction persuasion with the impetus coming from all the years of watching TV shows such as The Twilight Zone, Rod Serling’s Night Galley, One Step Beyond and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Born in Minneapolis and raised all over the upper Midwest, he is a small town guy at heart and finds his solace and peace in places of nature with water all around. Lighthouses are another of his passions and he is currently working on a photo journal of the Lighthouses of the Great Lakes with all the principle photography done by himself.

Writing is an organic process for Todd as he often pushes through a story idea in just a few hours with little extra time spent polishing it. He prefers the ‘naked and unvarnished’ approach to story composition and tends to trust in his own story-telling ability to finish a project.



Rejoice Denhere

Rejoice is a Business Professional, Fiction Writer and Linguist. She writes short stories and is working on her first novel. On writing she says:

I’ve always enjoyed writing. It emanated from a love of reading which started at a very young age thanks to my parents who both loved literature. Initially, writing was a form of relaxation; stories being shared with close family members only. Now it is my life. I find that besides energising me, it helps me see the good things that life has to offer even in unpleasant circumstances.

Some of the activities Rejoice enjoys in her spare time include playing the guitar, creative craftwork and sight-seeing. She lives in London, the United Kingdom with her daughter.

Professional website: www.thetellingtales.com

Email: rejoicedenhere@thetellingtales.com


V. J. M. Christensen


Professional Website:



Lena M. Pate

Born in Michigan but settled in Texas, I'm married to a wonderful and supportive husband for nearly forty years. We have two grown children, three spectacular grandchildren, and two adopted dogs and a cat who rule the household. I have worked as a Medical Technologist and an Allied Health Instructor for over thirty years. My passions include reading, writing, painting and gardening. I authored Following the Scent and co-authored a short story, To Capture a Nightingale, which was part of the anthology for the book Whitechapel 13. Another short story, entitled Private Oasis, was featured in the 1st edition 2010 of U magazine. I was published in the TxSSAMT The New Texan Journal of Medical Technology on Pediatric Phlebotomy. I have worked in my current position for twenty-three years as a Medical Technician and an Allied Health Instructor.

My blog has been spotlighting my short stories and poetry since 2008. I am active on several writing sites, as well as, social media including Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook and My Space.

Professional Website: lenasstoryandpoetrycorner.blogspot.com

Email: lmpate517@yahoo.com


Joyce Shaughnessy


Professional Website:



Laura Stafford


Professional Website:



A. A. Abbott

AA Abbott is an English writer. "Mostly, I write thrillers set in the world of big business," Abbott says. "Men enjoy my books just as much as women do, and I guess that's why I chose a gender-neutral pen name. After all, if JK Rowling can pretend to be a guy - twice - then why shouldn't I?"

Abbott is better known in her day job as Helen Blenkinsop. "I work in interim roles in large companies, and then take time off to write," she says. "I've always loved entertaining others with a story, and it's been fun to contribute to Good Tales."

Helen has lived and worked in several English cities. "I aim to convey a strong sense of place in my writing," she says. "Three cities I know particularly well are London, Bristol and Birmingham. London is awash with foreign money and frenzied work patterns. It's hectic and exciting. By contrast, you can lose a lot of time in Bristol sipping cider and watching the world go by. Birmingham is where my heart lies - it's busy, friendly and simply fun to be there. Often, I write about the tensions between different places and people. My characters explore themes of change, darkness and redemption, just as we all do in our journeys through life."

Any last words? "Yes," Helen says. "I'd like to thank Doug Clarke for publishing this great anthology. I really appreciate his gentle encouragement and light touch edits, and of course, the immense amount of work he's put in - he's an amazing gentleman."


Gene Hilgreen

Gene Hilgreen lives in Lindenhurst, NY with his faithful companion Millie a rescued Border collie. He spent thirty years in Information Technology and ITGC audit. As an ex-gymnast and freestyle skier he lived on the edge with a Devil-may-care attitude.

Now retired, he writes suspense thrillers and monthly short stories for The Writers 750 Group on LinkedIn. He has authored Dragon at 1600, the first of a series in which he relives his rebelled past through his protagonist Buckner Axele Davidssen—a protector of the Constitution—who reports only to God and Old Glory.

His second series is for the YA arena and spins off Jules Alkaysi—a prodigy child—who wants to follow in Grandpa Buck’s footsteps. Look for First of Jules a spy thriller coming soon.

Writing didn’t come easy for Gene, and becoming a published author was a pipe dream. Saddled with the moniker Dutch D Hilgreen in college, it was once said, “Good thing you write on a computer, because if you wrote with a pen you’d hurt yourself.”

The encouragement of his wife Donna—rest in peace darling, I will always love you—gave him the incentive. The family of successful authors and editors from the Writers 750 Group showed him the tools.

What was once a blank stage now explodes with color—living, breathing, and awaking all the senses.


Robert Tozer


Professional Website:



J. Conrad Guest

J. Conrad Guest is the author of Backstop: A Baseball Love Story in Nine Innings, available from Second Wind Publishing. Nominated as a Michigan Notable Book in 2010, the Illinois Institute of Technology adopted Backstop as required reading for their spring 2011 course, “Baseball: America’s Literary Pastime.” He is also the author of a science fiction diptych, a tribute to Raymond Chandler’s hard-boiled detective genre — One Hot January and January’s Thaw — a time travel, alternate reality tale in which Germany wins World War II. A Retrospect in Death, Guest’s sixth novel, explores the meaning of life: prewired at birth, or a product of our environment? His seventh novel, 500 Miles to Go, is a romance about the importance of, and the risks associated with, the pursuit of dreams. The Cobb Legacy is a mystery written around the shooting death of baseball legend Ty Cobb’s father by his mother, and A World Without Music is about a Gulf War veteran suffering PTSD seeking the music that will make his life worth living. His novella, Chaotic Theory, is peek into our future and explores the paradox associated with time travel: will a change to the past alter the present?

Professional Website: www.jconradguest.com